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We Have Over 20 Years of Teaching and Counselling Experience

I am a compassionate and judgment-free psychotherapist and counselor who have a holistic, integrative approach to improving mental health, taking into consideration one’s psyche, culture, identity, environment, nutrition, pharmacology, and physical health. I specialize in cultivating close, long-term therapeutic relationships with diverse and underrepresented populations, such as those from creative subcultures, intersecting minority identities, and non-traditional lifestyles and identities.

Each one of us has a different psychotherapy style, and we do not use just one therapeutic modality. We prioritize ongoing learning and exploration of our own mental processes, in conjunction with learning traditional evidence-based psychotherapies. Whether you are a busy working professional, or having no luck with finding love, or struggling to connect with others, or suffering from your emotions, we want to learn who you are and help guide you toward finding the peace, comfort, confidence, and resilience to get you through life.



Anxiety, panic attacks, nervousness

Depression, mood disturbance, existential crises, imposter syndrome, negative outlook, apathy, loss of pleasure

Career issues, feeling overworked and underpaid, career indecision, interpersonal difficulties at work

Relationship problems, poor communication, trust issues, overcoming negative events, starting/raising a family, sexual issues, decreased intimacy, polyamory

Cultural issues, acculturating, adjusting to new environment , language difficulties, family conflicts, fitting in

Identity issues, who/what am I, gender, sexuality, racial identity, where do I fit in, acceptance, group identity

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We Will Help You Find Inner Balance and Happiness

Discover inner balance and happiness with our expert psychological support. Our compassionate team is here to guide you on your journey to emotional well-being.